International Artist Mag Challenge No 92

We are currently experiencing a water shortage in South Africa. Water is an essential element in our lives and I’ve long enjoyed activities around water. It’s commonplace for people to enjoy their daily lives where the setting for what they’re doing is at a lakeside, river, dam or the ocean – all appealing for the obvious ambience water provides.

As a keen fly fisherman when I get the opportunity to get outdoors, I have begun to see water from a different perspective. In March this year I started a new series of paintings along the theme of water.. I think this will be an ongoing body of work that could take a lifetime. Water is so complex – The way it can reflect, mould itself around everything it comes into contact with and the creatures and plants it supports as well as being so life-giving. Water also enhances, complements and can alter the way things look. I’d decided to paint this subject because of these qualities.

The International Artist magazine have regular challenges for artists worldwide to compete and encourage the best talent working in the world today to enter work. I entered the first painting I’d done in the series “Orange Spoon”and was fortunate to be chosen as a finalist for the Landscape Challenge No 92! (Featured in Issue No 108 April / May 2016)
The Title was given after I had thought there were orange water lilies in front of one of the reeds, but on inspection of the images afterward, one of the “lilies” turned out to be an orange spoon.
In the working process of these paintings my aim is too seek out the patterns, shapes and accent the light and shade I find in the subject matter being depicted, also to explore the affect water has on it’s environment and generally water as one of lifes ‘alma maters’
I’ve since painted another 2 new works for the series which is ongoing, and incidentally learning from.. I’ll post further work on the series as they’re completed. Pics below are work on the series in the order completed.

Orange Spoon

Orange Spoon


Lily Matrix

Lily Matrix


Lillies of the Gloaming

Lillies of the Gloaming

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