Passion, thoughts and a sale..

My art is a passion that burns deep. I wake to each new day thinking what do I want to accomplish today. Working on a particular painting.. yet tempted to start something new and fresh is well, tempting. Occasionally I surf the web to see what is happening in the art world to get myself motivated to paint when my batteries are a bit low. I get distracted when something throws my mood, yet painting gets me into a singular mind-frame where the process shuts out the stuff of everyday life. There are times while rinsing a brush I’m taken aback when I glance at my watch to see that hours have passed. I reckon I’m not the only artist that experiences this. Not all days are productive. Sometimes I need to organise myself or get other chores sorted so I can concentrate on the work I plan to do. For me – getting lost in my work is therapeutic. I believe passion for our art is key for the work we produce and it should find us working..

A local art store holds an annual  sale of art equipment and today was the 50% off start to kick it off.. I ambled my way to the mall, knowing it would be busy but did not expect the huge queue that met me at the door. The sale was rather entertaining.. I selected several canvases and other goodies that will hopefully see me through a few months, joined the queue to the till to pay.. The manager was rather amusing. She taunted artists with sweets, give -aways and freebies.. One not so humoured lady looked at her sternly while trying to re-arrange the numerous wares she was trying to carry. The manager then proffered the sweetie bowl again and said – I know you want one – this ones whisky flavoured – I can see it in your eyes.. The waiting queue of artists cracked up. I should have taken some pics but my hands were full..

The everyday stuff we do and the experiences we have prompt reflection and impact on our  daily output. Today was a bit of time out for me. Yet this time allows us to think and nurture ideas and the way ahead in our work.

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