About me

At the age of eight I discovered a book on past masters of art, began drawing and painting and have been creative since.. My parents wanted me to get a formal school education and were reluctant to send me to art school, however during my primary school years I had a painting teacher that was somewhat of a mentor. He convinced them that I should complete my high school years at the Johannesburg school of Art, Ballet & Music, where I attained my matric (Now known as the National school of arts)

After high school I did my stint of national service for two years in the S.A.N.D.F in their art department, where I built up a portfolio of work, which landed me my first job in 1981 at Effective Marketing Services (Pty) Ltd. – a prolific design studio at the time. I went on to work for several advertising agencies and design studios. At the time I was moonlighting occasionally. Freelance commissions were being offered to me frequently, so I decided to freelance full-time, and formed The Illustration Advantage cc, began working from my home studio where I still operate from to this day.. My work comprised servicing the advertising industry, mainly for high-end digital illustration, design, 3D modeling & imagery.

After many years of working as a commercial artist – I’ve begun painting full-time, and am accepting commissions.. I enjoy the outdoors and travel with my family and friends, am a keen Fly fisherman, and also cook up a storm periodically.

Artwork featured on this site is © Clive Kirk and respective contributors.

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