This is my very first post on my new Fine Art site, and being a total newby to WordPress I’m having to find my way around – so bear with me.. Artist’s – particularly myself, am heavily influenced by other eminent artists. I guess it’s the benchmark for the level of creativity and competence they’ve attained. Painting is a natural thing for me, however I’m aware that it is an ongoing process to evolve and become better at it. Being a painter is more than the ability to paint, as the process requires the faculty to interpret visually what one sees. The power of seeing is an essential ingredient to the art of painting. This is acquired through knowledge of the subject matter. Paintings are ‘made’ through a cognitive and physical process. The power of influence can’t be understated as it can be a real factor for inspiration..

For me, the creation of an artwork is about capturing the essence of a subject, to explore the visual undertones.. The dedication and commitment and understanding of a subject is evident in the work of these ‘masters’ that inspire. There are several past masters and quite a few contemporary’s that have made an indelible impression on how and why I paint.

Past Masters:
Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres | 1780 – 1867
Master of graceful line and painter of note.

Johannes Vermeer | 1632 – 1675
Master painter – particularly of light.

Diego Velazquez | 1599 – 1660
Master painter.

Giovanni Antonio Canal (called Canaletto) | 1697 – 1768
Master painter of city scenes – particularly scenes in Venice.

Pablo Picasso | 1881 – 1973
Master of abstraction.


Ray Harris~Ching
Master painter of wildlife.
Ray Harris~Ching on

Link to Rountree Tryon Galleries page for 'After the deluge'

‘After the deluge’ by Ray Harris~Ching. Pic from Rountree Tryon Galleries


John Meyer | 1942 –
Master of the ‘narrative genre’
John Meyer website

Link to

‘Late afternoon, Cambedoo’ by John Meyer. Pic from


Neil Rodger | 1941 – 2013
Master portraitist.
Neil Rodger – Everard Read Gallery | CT

Link to Everard Read Galleries page

‘Seated woman looking at the sea’ by Neil Rodger. Pic by Everard Read Gallery.


Daan Vermeulen | 1934 –
Master painter of landscapes.
Daan Vermeulen – Johans Borman site

Link to  Johans Borman Fine Art page for 'Near Mc Gregor'

‘Near Mc Gregor’ by Neil Rodger. Pic from Johans Borman Fine Art


Jeremy Lipking | 1975 –
Master painter.
Jeremy Lipking website

Link to for 'Danielle in kimono'

‘Danielle in Komono’ by Jeremy Lipking. Pic from


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